Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Doing business means facing the risk of disputes. These matters may pull the company to venues throughout the country – or across borders – and involve investors, employees, executives, vendors, competitors, creditors, or regulators. But no matter the counterparty, venue, or complexity of a conflict, Bevilacqua PLLC’s Dispute Resolution Group works to achieve fast, efficient, and favorable results for our clients.


Many law firms describe this area as a “litigation” practice. We don’t just see it that way. Instead, we call it “dispute resolution,” because the traditional lawsuit is just one potential means for resolving disputes. We’re expert litigators, for sure. But a formal litigation can be costly and burdensome, so our dispute resolution team is here to help you resolve disputes through pre-suit negotiation and settlement, arbitration, or mediation. Outside of the courtroom, we’ve helped clients of all sizes to recover millions of dollars in settlements and awards. Some of these results include:

  • A $15 million arbitration award on behalf of an investment banking client in a breach of contract matter.
  • A multi-million-dollar settlement, following a mediation, of fiduciary duty and fraudulent transfer claims on behalf of a Fortune 500 financial services client.
  • A ten-figure settlement in a contract dispute representing a pharmaceutical company against an international competitor.

And if litigation becomes necessary or unavoidable, we have decades of experience handling and winning commercial litigation of all sizes and forums, from federal and state-trial level courts to appellate courts and administrative actions.

A critical part of dispute resolution is also dispute avoidance, because sometimes the best result in a conflict is avoiding one altogether. We’re skilled in taking a proactive approach to addressing and mitigating business risks, so you’re never caught flat-footed.

Whatever the dispute or risk-management concern you’re facing, we take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your business, objectives, and expectations to craft a winning, tactical, and efficient strategy.