Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

At Bevilacqua PLLC, we understand that any company or individual will find itself involved in business-related legal disputes from time to time. Those disputes can be with employees or executives, landlords, vendors, competitors, creditors, or the government. We are here to assist our clients tackle their business disputes and to help them try to reach fast, efficient, and favorable resolutions to those disputes.


Many law firms describe a practice area of this nature as a “litigation” practice. We instead prefer to use the term “dispute resolution” in describing this practice area at Bevilacqua PLLC. We like the latter term because the business of our clients – be they individuals, companies, or other organizations – is not litigation. Their business is, well, business. Furthermore, litigation is just one potential means for resolving disputes. But it is not the only such means, and litigation can frequently be costly and impose burdensome demands on one’s time and resources.

Our dispute resolution team is here to help you resolve, not merely litigate, the disputes you may face so that you can get back to business unencumbered by them. That help can include proactively providing you with advice to help keep you from facing disputes and litigation in the first place. And in the event you do face an actual or potential dispute, we can also help you to investigate the matter to assess what your exposure or rights may be so you can better gauge what is at stake and paths to a resolution. Furthermore, we are here to help you negotiate or otherwise work out a resolution to your dispute short of litigation.

And if litigating your dispute is necessary or unavoidable, we also offer years of experience litigating numerous kinds and sizes of business-related disputes. Furthermore, we have experience representing clients in litigation in various forums: from federal and state trial level courts to appellate courts, administrative agencies, arbitrations, and mediations.

Whatever the business dispute that you are facing, we will take the time to gain a thorough understanding of the facts and law pertinent to it as well as your objectives in the dispute. As important, we will work with you to craft a plan for trying to resolve the dispute in a manner that will meet your objectives.