Sep 07, 2018

Security Token Offerings White Paper

Cryptocurrency By Lahdan Rahmati

As highly experienced cryptocurrency and blockchain lawyers, Bevilacqua PLLC released a white paper for issuers entitled “Security Token Offerings: How to Sell Security Tokens in a Manner that Complies with U.S Federal and State Securities Laws” describing the legal and financial considerations involved in these types of offerings.

According to estimates, ICOs raised over $5 billion during 2017 and over $6 billion during 2018. However, many issuers do not understand the differences between “security” and “utility” tokens and are not aware that Security Token Offerings may be carried out within the following SEC Regulations – Regulation CF, Regulation D, Regulation S or Regulation A.

The White Paper covers:

  • The differences between “security” and “utility” tokens and explains why issuers should treat almost any token issued in the United States as a security token; and
  • Describes the ways in which a security token may be issued in compliance with U.S. federal and state securities laws.

The white paper can be downloaded free here.

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